Force Gauge NK-500N - 50kg

Force Gauge NK-500N - 50kg
Force Gauge NK-500N - 50kg Force Gauge NK-500N - 50kg Force Gauge NK-500N - 50kg Force Gauge NK-500N - 50kg
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Alat pengukur daya tarik-tekan, atau ketegangan, atau kekuatan untuk berbagai aplikasi pengukuran. Kapasitas max 50kg.
Ideal untuk keperluan industri karet, tekstil, konstruksi, material, kabel kelistrikan, otomotif, lab dan universitas
NK-500N Dial Mechanical Push-Pull Gauge. Precision Force gauge
Widely applied in rubber plastic, light industry, textile, building windows and doors, compound materials, electric wire and cable, auto part, power generator, scientific research institute to do the push pull force insertion force and destructive experiment.
With easy operate and can be installed with all kinds of test stand and clamp.
Analog Push Pull Gauge with compact size and high accuracy. 
Easy to operate and handy. 
Single click on a knob on the device will convert the movement of the indication needle from the peak force indication (the needle stands still indicating peak force) to the tracking indication(the needle moves in accordance with change of force). 
1. Simultaneous display of two scales without any shift of measurement conversion. 
2. Easy operation and can be installed on all testing tables. **Pointer style makes figure-reading easy and precise. 
3. Peak value maintenance and load capacity real-time display can be flexibly shifted.
4. Reliable quality and good packaging make the force gauge easy to keep and maintain.
Technical parameters 
Maxload:500N / 50 Kilogram

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