ORP Electrode Kedida CT-1111

ORP Electrode Kedida CT-1111
ORP Electrode Kedida CT-1111 ORP Electrode Kedida CT-1111 ORP Electrode Kedida CT-1111
Brand: Kedida
Product Code: CT1111
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ORP Electrode Kedida
Elektroda ORP kualitas industrial dari pabrikan Kedida. 
Dengan klaim dari Kedida mengenai penggunaan material berkualitas dari bagian kabel yang tebal dan rendah distorsi, plat sambungan yang kuat, ke sensor elektroda yang berkualitas dan tahan lama.
CT-1111 ORP PH electrodes using PTFE liquid interface of the international state-of-the-art solid dielectric and a large area of clogging, easy maintenance
Reference long-distance dispersal routes, greatly extending electrode life in harsh environments
The electrode made of high quality low-noise cable, allows the model output greater than 40 meters in length, no interference
High accuracy, fast response, good repeatability
Widely used in medicine, chlor-alkali industry, pigment dyes, pulp and paper, environmental protection, electroplating and other industries on the redox potential of detection
PH electrode Features:
PPS / PC shell, the upper and lower 3/4NPT pipe thread, easy installation, no maintenance
No need to supplement the dielectric, little maintenance
Correct operation and long service life
Electrodes can be used with similar foreign electrode swap
Technical indicators:
Model CT-1111
Temperature (ÂșC) -5~80?
Connection form Cable (shielded cable)
Measurement accuracy = 2mv
ORP range -1999 to +1999 mV
Response time = 10sec
Material PC.PPS
Platinum (Gold) purity 99.99%
Terminal Blocks BNC head, Y-piece, inserts
Overall connection 3/4 inch outer thread
Size 188*31mm 
ORP electrode installation: 
can be side or mounted vertically in the reaction tank or pipeline.

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