LCR Meter ET430

LCR Meter ET430
LCR Meter ET430 LCR Meter ET430 LCR Meter ET430
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LCR meter digunakan untuk mengukur impedansi (Inductance, Capacitance, Resistance) dari sebuah komponen
Measurement frequency up to 100kHz, 1Hz step continuously adjustable
Support DC resistance, electrolytic capacitance measurement
Internal bias voltage output (10mV-500mV)
Component measurement automatic identification
Support screening and deviation measurement
2.8 inch TFT display, 4-1/2 display
Basic measurement accuracy is 0.2%, measurement speed can be adjusted
Large capacity lithium battery power supply, USB communication interface, support SCPI protocol
Manual and automatic range
With open circuit short circuit correction
Model: ET430
Test frequency: 100Hz, 120Hz, 1KHz, 10KHz,40kHz,100KHz
Basic accuracy: 0.30%
Display: 2.8 inch TFT
Display digits: main parameter 5 bits, sub-parameter 5bits
Measurement parameters: main parameter L/C/R/Z, sub-parameter: X/D/Q/ESR/θ
Electrolytic capacitor mode: Yes
DCR mode: No
Measuring range: L: 0.000μH~2000H; C: 0.000pF~20.000mF; R: 0.0001Ω~200.00MΩ
Measurement display speed: 1 time / sec (slow speed), 2 times / sec (medium speed), 4 times / sec (fast)
Internal offset: No
Test level: 0.6Vrms
Calibration function: open circuit calibration, short circuit calibration
Screening function: the screening limit range can be set from 1% to 50%, where the fixed point is 1%, 5%, 10%, 20%
Deviation measurement: used to compare the percentage deviation between the component and the set nominal value and display
1 x ET430 Handheld LCR Meter
1 x Mini-USB Cable
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Red Black Rubber Plug

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