Food Thermometer with Timer D24

Food Thermometer with Timer D24
Food Thermometer with Timer D24
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Termometer daging & makanan membuat anda memasak seperti profesional. Ideal untuk memasak steak, daging ayam, sapi, kambing dll. Dilengkapi dengan Timer dan Alarm yang akan menyala sesuai dengan setting-an anda.
The perfect choice for cooking beef, chicken, lamb, pork, turkey, or any other kind of meat.
Simply insert the probe into your cut of meat, for a quick and accurate temperature reading. It’s so easy to use. Now anyone can cook meat like professional!
D24 meat thermometer
Countdown capacity: 99min 59 sec
Measuring range: 0°C  ~ + 300 ° C
Measurement accuracy:±1 ° C
Display resolution: 1 °
Power supply: 1.5V AAA battery
Size :    70.0*65.0*17.0mm
Net weight: 100g
- C/F selectable readout thermometer
- alarm buzzer sound when cooking temperature reach the pre-set temp
- probe could be left in oven when cooking
- time count up with our buzzer reminder
- time count down with 64s buzzer reminder
- install by magnet, stand as well as hanging hole
- Transfer key from thermometer to timer on the back

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