Digital Refractometer Brix 0-55% SNDWAY SW-593

Digital Refractometer Brix 0-55% SNDWAY SW-593
Digital Refractometer Brix 0-55% SNDWAY SW-593 Digital Refractometer Brix 0-55% SNDWAY SW-593 Digital Refractometer Brix 0-55% SNDWAY SW-593 Digital Refractometer Brix 0-55% SNDWAY SW-593
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Digital Refractometer Sugar Brix dari pabrikan SNDWAY
Mengukur 0-55% kadar Brix
Ideal untuk pengukuran Kopi, Wine, Beer, Soft Drink, Alcohol dll. 
Alat yang berguna dan praktis untuk industri Food and Beverage



Refractometer Sugar Brix SNDWAY for Wine Beer Coffee Alcohol - Sugar Concentration 0-55% Brix Refractive Index


 Widely Used in Various Fields

 Refractometer can measure the sugar concentration in fruit, beverage and                         
 vegetables,can be used in beverages quality management, food industrial
 sector, agricultural production scientific research.
 It can also be used in the manufacture of beer and wine.




 Temperature compensation
 Refractive index display function
 Sugar Concentration measurement


 IP65 Dustproof & Waterproof

 Sample slot design, Corrosion resistant
 Backlight LCD Display 
 Refractive prism, high resolution and accuracy

 Rechargeable Battery

 Low power consumption
 Measure 20000 times when fully charged

 Model Name   SW-593    Range                           0-55%Brix
 Temperature Compensation                10℃ ~ 40℃                                 Ambient Temperature  10℃ ~ 40℃
 Full of Electricity          About 20000 times                 Resolution  0.1%Brix
 Accuracy  ±0.2%Brix/±1℃                 Battery  2x1.2V AA 2100mAh NiMH battery
 Product size  300g/120x55x30mm  Package size  330g/170x115x65mm
 Package Contents   1*SW-593 Device,1*USB Charging, 1*User's Manual, 1*Lens Cleaning Cloth
 2*1.2V AA Rechargeable Battery, 1*Pipet
You may get some status notice as bellow
 Status Bar Notice  Reason
 Please cover the container with your hands.  External light is too strong to affect measurement                        
 High temperature affects measurement!   The temperature on the prism is higher than the measuring range 
 Low temperature affects measurement!  The temperature on the prism is below the measuring range
 Please pour the solution into the container.  No solution or too little solution in container
 Please pour clean water into the container.  No water or too little water in the container
 Out of range!  Excessive concentration
 Low battery!  Charging with 5V charger or computer USB
 Please contact the Maintenance Center.  Components are possibly damaged
 Cold or hot measuring solution

 Solution: Drop in the measuring solution and wait 20 seconds
 before measuring. Because the instrument needs to do
 temperature supplement, this requires the instrument and
 the measuring solution to maintain the same temperature,
 and this takes more than 20 seconds
 Measuring solution containing suspended substances

 Solution (Step 1):
 Remove suspended solids from measuring solution with filter
 spoon or gauze as much as possible.
 Solution (Step 2):
 Mix measuring solution evenly (do not use metal and hard objects,
 and avoid scratching the optical prism). Because uneven
 measuring solutions or suspended solids can lead to instrumental
 uncertainty in measurement.
 Measure whether the clean water or pure water is 0.0% before using,and if it is not 0.0%, it will be zeroed first.
 1, Keep about 1mm between dripped water or pure water and the top of the measuring slot, and the capacity is about 0.3ml
 2, Press “MEAS” key
 3, Check if the measured value is 00.0%
 4, If the value is not 00.0%,press the zero key to reset


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