Digital High Temperature Thermostat -30 - 500c

Digital High Temperature Thermostat -30 - 500c
Digital High Temperature Thermostat -30 - 500c
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Digital High Temperature Thermostat -30-500c
Temperature Controller
Thermostat atau Temperature Controller 220v dengan rentang sangat tinggi -30 celcius sampai +500 celcius. 
Dimana termostat pada umumnya hanya mampu mengukur sampai kisaran +150 celcius
Temperature range: -30°C ~ 500°C / -22°F ~ 932°F
Resolution: 1°C
Output type:
   Control output: N.O. 10A/250VAC
   Alarm output: N.O. 10A/250VAC
Size: 88x77x35mm
Dimension of installation hole: 70,5x29mm
Environmental requirement: -30°C~60°C, 20%~85% humidity
Sensor: K tip. thermocouple with 1m cable
Refresh: 2 times per second
Parameter Function Description
Long-time press Set with 5 seconds to enter the internal parameter settings, press the up and down to switch F0 … F8 ,press Rst to confirm the return.
PO cooling, heating mode
High temperature start for the cooling mode please set to C;
Common for the device overheating start fan cooling, such as the radiator temperature exceeds the number of degrees when starting the fan cooling, that is, cooling for the cooling mode;
Low temperature start for the heating mode, please set to H, common for some kind of object heating, for example to hatch to 37 degrees to stop, or heating to 30 degrees to stop, or burn to 100 degrees stop are heating mode;
P1 hysteresis set
In the heating mode (H): Measured value <set value – hysteresis, start output heating to set value stop;
Cooling mode (C): the measured value> set value + hysteresis, start the output cooling to the set value to stop;
P2 temperature correction
When the measured temperature and standard temperature deviation, you can use this function correction, the corrected temperature = before the correction of the temperature
Degree + correction value
P3 high temperature alarm
When the measured value is greater than this value of the screen temperature flashing and drop the sound alarm, and forced to disconnect the temperature control, the output of high temperature alarm closed signal to remind the user to take measures; pay attention to the output relay signal can be connected to the output;
P4 data lock function
Open the data lock, you can keep the current settings are not changed, then set the temperature and function are invalid, for modification, need to close the data lock function
Instructions for use
Please connect the circuit diagram to connect the power supply, and the cooling or heating as shown in the connection;
Enter the internal setting according to the need to select the heating (long press Set to enter PO selection H) or cooling (long press Set to enter
PO selects C mode;
Set the stop temperature method: press the Set screen to flash, press the upper and lower set the required temperature, press Rst to confirm the return;
Panel OUT. Indicator light, always light that output;
Digital tube: display HHH open for the sensor; screen temperature flashing for high temperature alarm and buzzer tips
Wiring Precautions:
1. Input termination power supply, according to the type of power supply Do not exceed the range;
2. Output termination load, the terminal on the circle with the same name;
3. Set the cooling or heating, press SET once, set the required temperature up and down;
Installation Precautions:
★ Please read the product brochure carefully before use, be sure to distinguish the function of the contact point, the load power must not exceed the rated contact capacity (more than to connect a large relay or AC contactor);
★ Please install the thermostat firmly in a stable place, to avoid collision, moisture and water, and away from the magnetic field;
★ In order to prevent high frequency interference, the sensor line should not be tied together in the supply line, the supply line is not less than 1 square;
★ If the thermostat is disturbed, please shut down and restart;

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