Visible Spectrophotometer 721

Visible Spectrophotometer 721
Visible Spectrophotometer 721 Visible Spectrophotometer 721 Visible Spectrophotometer 721 Visible Spectrophotometer 721
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Spektrofotometri adalah metode dalam kimia analisis untuk menentukan komposisi suatu sampel baik secara kuantitatif dan kualitatif berdasarkan pada interaksi antara materi yang dites dengan cahaya. Peralatan yang digunakan dalam spektrofotometri disebut spektrofotometer.
This instrument is a standard equipment which based on the principle of spectrophotometry.
It can measure transmittance or absorbency samples within 340nm - 1000nm wavelength range. 
Ideal for Clinical Sanitation, Biochemistry, Environment Protection, Food Inspection, Petrochemical, Tertiary Institutions, Basic Teaching Experiment, etc
Adoption of new single-chip microcomputer system, complete function, compact size, easy maintenance.
4 digital LCD Display.
With flame retardant & insulation materials 
Easy operation.
Advanced optical system design, sealed grating monochromator. With scientific mouldproof & eliminate of stray light technology so that its longevity, stray light, stability indicator, metering 
accuracy are improved.
To avoid energy plummeting after reflector was burnt, it has adopt lens to gathering light.
With a professional lamp holder so that it can not be replaced the optical circuit of halogen tungsten lamp. 
Automatic calibration 0%(T),100%(T) & absorbency 0(A).
Wavelength Range: 340nm~1000nm
Optical System: Single beam, 1200 diffraction grating
Transmittance Accuracy: ±0.5%(T)
Spectrum Bandwidth: 4nm
Transmittance Repeatability: 0.2%(T)
Light Source: 20W/12V
Halogen Tungsten Lamp
Stray Light ≤0.2%(T) (360nm,JB400)
Photometric Range: 0~100%(T) 0~3.000(A)
Power Supply: 220V±22V   50Hz±1Hz
Wavelength Accuracy: ±1nm
Rating Voltage: 30W
Wavelength Repeatability: 0.5nm
Dimension & Weight
380×370×160mm, 6kg

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