Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Smart Sensor AR860

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Smart Sensor AR860
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Smart Sensor AR860 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Smart Sensor AR860 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Smart Sensor AR860
Brand: SmartSensor
Product Code: AR860
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Thickness Gauge Ultrasonik dari Smart Sensor. Mendapatkan sertifikat kalibrasi.


SMART SENSOR Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge adopts ultrasonic measuring principle, and is controlled by micro processor, provides quick and precise measurement of thickness for most of industrial material. 


Widely used in various precise measurement for different hardware / parts in industrial realm; one of its important application is to monitor the level of thickness-decreasing during operation of various and pressure container. Application in manufacturing fields, metal processing, and commercial inspection.

Suitable for measuring materials that are good ultrasonic conductor such as metal, plastic, ceramic, glass etc.

As long as the measured part in two parallel surfaces for measurement of thickness. This unit is not suitable for cast iron due to its big crystalloid composition.




1. Auto calibration to assure the accuracy
2. Sound velocity measurement: with a given thickness to measure the sound velocity to improve accuracy
3.12 sound velocities for different material
4. Coupling status indication
5. 12 thickness measurement data store and recall
6. Thickness alarm setup
7. Back light function
8. Low battery indication
9. Auto power off


 Measuring range:  1.00 to 300.0mm(steel)
 Accuracy:  (1%H+0.1mm)
 Resolution:  0.01mm(1.00 to 99.99mm) 0.1mm(100 to 300mm)
 Minimum limit for tube measuring steel :   15*2.0mm( 6 transducer) 20*3.0mm( 10 transducer)
 Sound velocity:  1000 to 9999m/s
 Thickness 20mm, accuracy of velocity: 1mm/H 100%
 Thickness 20mm , accuracy of velocity: 5%
 Operating environment :                                                                                                                                 

 Operation temperature: 0°C to 40°C Temperature of workpiece: < 60 

 Relative Humidity: <90%  Do not apply in violent vibration / 

 erosive material Avoid impact and humidity                                                                                               

 Power supply:  1.5V AAA * 3 PCS (not include due to air limit)
 Operation current:  35mA (with back light on)
 Frequency  5MHz
 Minimum limit for tube measuring  Ф20*3mm(steel)
 Auto Zero Calibration  V
 Auto linear compensation  V
 Coupling Indicator  V
 Metric / Imperial Switchable  ---
 Battery Indication  / Auto Power Off  V
 Product Net Weight / Product Size                                                                   240g / 150*80.5*34mm 


Table of sound velocity   (Sound velocity of common materials)
 Material  Velocity(m/s)  Material  Velocity(m/s)
 Aluminum      2670  Acetate resin   6320
 Zinc  3530  Phosphor bronze  4170
 Silver  4430  Turpentine  3600
 Glod  5440  Glass  3240
 Tin  5720  Incoloy alloy  3230
 Iron/Steel  6310  Magnesium  5900
 Brass  6020  Monel alloy  4640
 Copper  5630  Nickle  4700
 SUS  5850  Steel 4330 mild  5790
 Acrylic resin       5660   Steel 330  2730
 Water 20C   6070  Titanium  1480
 Glycerinl   4650                  Zirconium  1920
 soluble glass                      2620                                     Nylon   2350 
 Selection of transducer
 ITEM-Ф--  Characteristic  Range  Operation temperature
 5MHZ-Ф--  General-purpose  1.00mm to 300.0mm(steel)  -10 to 60
 5MHZ-Ф--  Thin workpeice  1.00mm to 50.0mm(steel)  -10 to 60
 2.5MHZ-Ф--                             General-purpose                            1.00mm to 300.0mm(steel)       -10 to 60                                   


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