Thermostat Dual Core WILLHI WH7016E dengan Alarm

Thermostat Dual Core WILLHI WH7016E dengan Alarm
Thermostat Dual Core WILLHI WH7016E dengan Alarm Thermostat Dual Core WILLHI WH7016E dengan Alarm
Brand: WillHi
Product Code: WH7016E
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Price: Rp.350,000
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Willhi WH7016E  Digital Temperature Controller / Thermostat


Perbedaan WH7016E dengan WH7016C adalah:

-    Tipe E akurasi 0.1 derajat Celsius

-    Tipe E menggunakan Dual-Core processor

-    Tipe E ada Over-Temperature Alarm and Low Alarm 


-  WH7016E uses the dual-core microprocessors, to ensure reliable operation of the Product Safety using the 12BIT precision AD converter, so that the measurement error is reduced
-  0.1 degree high-precision control
-  Temperature control range: -9.9 to 99.9 degrees
-  Standard AC220V power supply

-  Contact current: 5A/220V
-  Power-down to save the settings parameters functions
-  Button to shut down


  1) Cooling / Heating compatible control
  2) temperature control returning to difference may be to set
  3) the temperature control adjust the the upper limit to can be settings, temperature control adjust the lower limit is multiplied can be set
  4) the temperature correction function
  5) The delay start function
  6) over-temperature alarm and temperature alarm and one alarm output
  7) the standard 1 meter waterproof probe


Electrical properties:
  Temperature measurement range: -9.9 ~ 99.9 deg C
  Temperature control range: -9.9 ~ 99.9 deg C

  Temperature measurement error: ± 0.5 deg C

  Sensor Model: NTC (10K/3435)
  Control precision: 0.1 deg C
  Working voltage: AC220V
  Working current: MAX200MA,
  Relay contact current: AC 5A/220V
  Operating temperature: 0 ~ 50 deg C
  Storage Temperature: -10 ~ 60 deg C


Wiring diagram:

Terminal 1 and 2: cooling or heating output
Terminal 1 and 3: Alarm output
Terminal 4 and 5: Connect the power supply 220V
Terminals 6 and 7: after a short circuit can lock thermostat factory parameter settings, the user can not

Terminals 8 and 9: Connect the temperature sensor


Waterproof probe, temperature of 125 degrees
Size: 4MM * 20MM
Length: 1M


Video Demo:




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