Tachometer Benetech GM8906 - Contact Type

Tachometer Benetech GM8906 - Contact Type
Tachometer Benetech GM8906 - Contact Type Tachometer Benetech GM8906 - Contact Type
Brand: Benetech
Product Code: GM8906
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Price: Rp.360,000
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Alat ukur putaran RPM dari Benetech
Metode sentuh (Kami juga menjual tipe tanpa sentuh)
Mengukur dengan rentang 0.5 - 19999
Tachometer is one of the necessary instruments in machinery industry, which is used to measure rotation speed, linear speed or frequency of electric motor, as well as rotation speed of impeller blades, roller and shaft. It is widely used in industries like electric motor,fan, washing machine, textile, automobile, aircraft, ships, etc.
1. Maximum value, minimum value, average value, last
measured value holding.
2. Clear operation instructions and full display of unit
3. A wide range of measurement, high resolution.
4. Low battery indicator, LCD backlight display,
automatic shutdown.
5. With combination of latest microprocessor
technology and laser technology, the instrument is
more intelligent and more reliable.
6. Large LCD screen display, clear reading.
7. Solid and ingenious structure. The whole machine
adopts durable and optimized electronic
components, and light but hard ABS plastic for the
shell, which is good-shaped and user-friendly.
Measure range
Resolution rate
Accuracy rate
Sample interval
0.8s(60RPM or above)
Two 1.5V AAA batteries

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