Soil Hardness Tester TYD-2

Soil Hardness Tester TYD-2
Soil Hardness Tester TYD-2 Soil Hardness Tester TYD-2 Soil Hardness Tester TYD-2 Soil Hardness Tester TYD-2
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Alat pengukur Kekerasan Tanah dengan satuan Kg/Cm2, untuk analisa kondisi tanah. Ideal untuk perkebunan, pertanian, industri, lab dan riset
High accuracy and high resolution, large screen LCD, backlight function to adapt to the circumstances of the use of dark weather, with a screen digital positive, reverse function
The gravity acceleration setting function: users can enter the use of the gravity acceleration Value to make the test more accurate
A peak value to maintain the function: to maintain the peak value to be cleared manually. 5, with a strong memory storage function: can store 896 test values
Automatic shutdown time setting function: automatic shutdown time setting can be set to 90 minutes to 10 minutes automatic shutdown.with high quality charging power supply
The TYD-2 type of soil hardness is to directly measure the soil hardness by the theoretical value Kg/Cm2 of the pressure gauge. It is very convenient and accurate for this soil hardmeter to investigate and study the soil permeability, aeration and soil properties of large machinery operations.
1. Model:TYD-2.
2. Maximum load:50Kg 
(Kg,N g and ib three units can be automatically converted).
3. Resolution: 0.01Kg.
4. Accuracy: ±0.5%.
5. Measuring depth: 0~450mm.
6. Power: charging power supply:220V/AC; Continuous operating time of battery:6~8 hours
7. Stability: temperature drift :0.2uV/℃(0-60℃);Null drift:≤ 0.1%/8 hours/FS.
8. Calibration range: full-scale calibration.
9. Ambient temperature:0~+60℃.
10. Ambient humidity:≤ 80%.
11. Allowable overload:150%.
12. Power supply: 5 nickel cyanogen battery /220V AC charge 4~6hour.

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