Socket Tester Peakmeter

Socket Tester Peakmeter
Socket Tester Peakmeter Socket Tester Peakmeter
Brand: Peakmeter
Product Code: PM6860DR
Availability: In Stock
Price: Rp.170,000
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Alat untuk monitor soket listrik apakah dalam kondisi optimal
Sangat praktis
The socket tester detects whether the socket's wire connection is correct or not. 
It is used to detect whether neutral, live and earth wire is connected correctly and to indicate which wire is missing. 
With RCD test function, it is more practical. Several indicators to indicate the state of the socket, easy to judge.Compact size, light weight.
Main Features:
-Quickly check if the electric wire connection is wrong.
-Perfect for home, business and circuit construction.
-Support GFCI / RCD test functions.
Voltage Range: 220V - 250V
Tripping Current: more than 30mA
Product Size(L x W x H): 6.60 x 6.20 x 6.30 cm

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