Portable Milliohmmeter ETCR3620

Portable Milliohmmeter ETCR3620
Portable Milliohmmeter ETCR3620 Portable Milliohmmeter ETCR3620
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Portable Milliohmmeter dari ETCR Electronics
ETCR3620 Portable Milliohmmeter(DC Low Value Resistance Tester)  apply to measure the wire resistance of cables, the contact resistance of switches, connectors and relays, the DC resistance of  coils, motors and transformers windings, and the connection resistance of the connecting conductor between the metal riveting, the metal components, the ground grid and the ground pole, etc.
Technical Specification
Power Supply 
DC 7.4V  2000mAH rechargeable lithium battery
Detection Mode
Precision 4-wire method, AC/DC 2 channel simultaneous detection
Data Storage
200 groups (power down or replace the battery will not lose the data)
Test Wire
2 sets: Red/Black each 1 set, length 0.8m
Backlight Function
Yes, suitable to the dim place
Inspection Function
Display Mode
Display area: 58.5mm×46mm
Low Voltage Indicator
When battery voltage is lower than 6.5V±0.3V, remind to replace the battery in time
Host Size
Meter: about 460g; Total weight: about 640g( include accessories)
Working Temperature
-10oC~40oC, below 80%rh
Store Temperature
-10oC~60oC, below 70%rh
Withstand Voltage
AC 3700V/rms(between housing and screws)
Meter: 1PCS; Test wires: 1 set; Cloth Bag: 1PCS; Charger :1PCS

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