Nitrate Detector Anmez Greentest

Nitrate Detector Anmez Greentest
Nitrate Detector Anmez Greentest Nitrate Detector Anmez Greentest Nitrate Detector Anmez Greentest Nitrate Detector Anmez Greentest
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- Detektor Nitrate atau Natrium Nitrat dari Anmez
- Seperti diketahui terlalu banyak kadar Natrium Nitrat pada makanan tidak baik untuk kesehatan.
- Tester ini sangat praktis untuk buah dan sayur sebelum dikonsumsi
1. Measurement Range of Nitrate Concentrations -40~100 degree 0~100%RH
2. Measurement Accuracy 10%
3. Measurement Time ~3 Seconds
4. Power Lithium Battery
5. Charging Current 250mA. Voltage 5V
6. sage Time Over 6 Hours
7. TFT color display with resolution: 320*240
8. Portable dimension 122*52*14(mm)
GREENTEST-A Real Food Detector For Family Use
- Portable, convenient to put in your bag and take out
- Easy To Use, Just 5 steps to complete a Laboratory-level food test
- Rapid detection Just 3 seconds for result of nitrates, 10sec determines radiation
- Clear Guidelines. The interface is simple and clear step instructions, a prominent warning results.
Greentest not just a food detector, it is Professional Home Food Detector.
We hope that every family can keep away from unhealthy , contaminated food and stay healthy.
Wonderful Technology protecting us and our children from the infringement of harmful impurities, nitrates and nitrites. 
GREENTEST-A Scientific Approach To FOOD SAFETY
Lower resistance = higher nitrate content
The presence of nitrate ions in organic matter measurably increases conductivity. This measurement differs according to the ion concentration and cell structure of the fruit or vegetable under test.
Calibrated through extensive testing
Our scientists developed the Greentest nitrate content protocols by using a mass spectrometer to determine nitrate levels in a large number of fruit and vegetable specimens.
Testing a range of specimens under laboratory conditions allowed us to establish normative levels for various fruit and vegetable species.
A high degree of accuracy
The results were applied to test algorithms which have been coded into the Greentest device. The device has been extensively back-checked against specimens that were subsequently tested with a mass spectrometer.
The device is certified to be more than 90% accurate according to third party testing.
This is more than sufficient to produce a valid assessment of nitrate content.
GREENTEST-Food Radiation Detection
Determines radiation in 10 seconds 
Just 10sec,gives us the answer to the actual question: "Does this product is harmful for my health or not?".
Radiation containing products, not only means that we can not eat it, and should stay away from it.
Radiation detection don't need to use the probe, just close the device to the item and click the "radiation", after 10 seconds will show the radiation value. 
And show the current environmental radiation value of:
Normal (Green)
Elevated (Yellow)
Dangerous (Red)

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