Laser Distance Meter SNDWAY SW-S120

Laser Distance Meter SNDWAY SW-S120
Laser Distance Meter SNDWAY SW-S120 Laser Distance Meter SNDWAY SW-S120 Laser Distance Meter SNDWAY SW-S120
Product Code: SWS120
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Laser Distance Meter jangkauan sampai 120 meter
Dilengkapi dengan kamera sehingga bisa mengukur dengan hanya melihat dari layar LCD
Juga dilengkapi dengan Waterpass digital, Batere rechargeable, dan coakan untuk Tripod
- Easy targeting with laser pointer, makes field work easy & accurate
- Ideal for home, construction, and industry such as rooms, apartments, buildings, real estates, factories, warehouses.
- Double injection enables durable and well build, non-slip rubber-like material around the edge enables a solid grip and the buttons respond nicely.
- Multi Measurement Modes: Single-distance Measurement, Continuous Measurement, Area & Volume Measurement, Area & Volume Addition/Subtraction, Indirect Pythagoras Measurement
- Data hold and data clear function, Data store/recall function, IP54 protection, Auto/Manual power off
Measuring Range 0.05-120m 
Measuring Accuracy ±2mm
Measuring Unit mm/in/ft 
Continuous Measurement YES 
Area Measurement YES 
Volume Measurement YES 
Triangle leg Measurement YES 
Addition/Subtraction YES 
Area & Volume Addition/Subtraction YES 
Max./Min. Measurement YES 
Straking-out YES 
Delay Measurement YES 
Digital Level YES 
Camera YES 
Max storage 100 Units 
Connection USB 
Laser Class 635nm Class 2 
Automatic laser off 20s 
Automatic shutdown 150s 
Storage Temperature -20~60 degree Celsius 
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 40 degree Celsius 
Storage Humidity RH85% 
Battery 3x1.2V 800mA Ni-MH 
Size 125x50x26.5mm 
Weight 155g with battery 
Package Content: 
1 x 120m Laser Distance Meter 
1 x Pouch Bag 
1 x Wrist Strap 
1 x USB Charging cable 
1 x English User Manual 
3 x Rechargeable batteries 
Reflective plate use occasions:    
1. In case of strong sunlight or target reflection is not good, please use the reflector
2. Reflecting plate has good reflection effect and measurement on the table or floor, or as a baffle. 
3. It can be used in rough uneven walls and astigmatism surface (glass lens stainless steel), the reflected signal is not good or interfere with the strengthening of local signal reflection

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