Laser Distance Meter Mestek S6 - 100 Meter

Laser Distance Meter Mestek S6 - 100 Meter
Laser Distance Meter Mestek S6 - 100 Meter Laser Distance Meter Mestek S6 - 100 Meter Laser Distance Meter Mestek S6 - 100 Meter Laser Distance Meter Mestek S6 - 100 Meter
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Alat ukur jarak atau dimensi ruang dari pabrikan MESTEK 
Dengan rentang ukur sampai 100 Meter
Model S6
Maximum measuring range 100m
Measuring accuracy +-2mm
Measuring units m/ft/in/ft+in
Laser class class 2
Area,vlume measurement Yes
Indirect pythaorean theorem Yes
Addition and subtraction Yes
Continuous measurement Yes
Min/max.value Yes
Beep Yes
4-line display with backlight Yes
Single distance measurement Yes
Historical memory 20 sets
Button soft rubber buttons
Operating temperature 0℃~60℃
Battery life 5000 measurement times
Battery AAA 2x1.5V
Auto laser off 30 seconds
Auto instrument off 180 seconds
Dimensions(mm) 120*48*27
Weight 120g
Single measurement
Continuity measurement
Area measurement
Volume measurement
Secondary pythagorean measurement
One pythagorean measurement
1. Spectroscopic Lens Technology
2. 0.5S High speed measurement
3. Bright HD large screen
4. Data records:20 sets
5. 8 measurement modes
1)Single measurement-Suitable for length and height measurement
2)Area measurement-Length and height are measured separately according to the screen instructions, Measurement area is automatically calculated.
3)Continuous measurement-The screen displays MIN/MAX/instant measurement value during measurement
4)Volume measurement-Select volume measurement mode to measure length/width/height separately, calculate volume automatically
5)One Pythagorean measurement-Using the Pythagorean theorem, you can indirectly measure the range that cannot be directly measured.
6)Secondary pythagorean measurement-H1+H2 values of two measurement, are often used in ranges that cannot be directly measured
7)Automatic vertical-Quickly and easily find the vertical point corresponding to the suspended object.
8)Auto horizontal distance measurement -Horizontal distance and height can be measured indirectly when there are obstacles
1 x S6 distance meter
1 x Cloth bag
1 x English Manual
1 x Quality certificate
1 x Portable rope
1 x Packing box

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