Handheld Electrocardiogram ECG Monitor PC-80B

Handheld Electrocardiogram ECG Monitor PC-80B
Handheld Electrocardiogram ECG Monitor PC-80B Handheld Electrocardiogram ECG Monitor PC-80B Handheld Electrocardiogram ECG Monitor PC-80B Handheld Electrocardiogram ECG Monitor PC-80B
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Elektrokardiogram portable dari Healforce
- Pengoperasian satu-tombol, mudah digunakan, dan ukuran kecil 
- Gelombang EKG dan interpretasi hasil pengukuran ditampilkan dengan jelas pada layar LCD
- Teknologi pengukuran tingkat lanjut menghasilkan hasil EKG yang lebih akurat
- 17 tipe hasil pengukuran dapat disajikan
kapasitas memori internal sampai 1200 record untuk pengukuran cepat, atau data record 10 jam untuk pengukuran terus menerus.
- Rekaman data dapat ditinjau, disalin, dihapus, dan juga diunggah ke PC
- Hemat daya batere dengan fungsi shutting-down otomatis power dengan baterai 2 x AAA untuk lebih dari 10 jam waktu kerja (baterai tidak
termasuk dalam paket)
Akurasi: Plus atau minus 2 BPM
Tingkat noise Internal: Kurang dari atau sama dengan 30uVp-p
Rentang Jantung: 30 - 240 BPM
CMRR: Lebih dari atau sama dengan 60dB
Berat paket: 500 gram
Ukuran produk (L x W x H): Sekitar 21,50 x 12,50 x 7,00 cm
Ukuran paket (L x W x H): sekitar 20 x 20 x 8 cm 
Isi Paket: 
1 x Heal Force PC-80B Easy ECG Monitor, 
1 x English User Manual, 
1 x Lead Cable, 
1 x Electrocode Pad, 
1 x USB Charging Cable, 
1 x CD Software ECG Viewer Manager
The Easy ECG Monitor is FDA approved. It is a compact, portable handy device for patients (or professionals) to record 30 seconds of ECG data anytime or anywhere, comfortably, with or without electrodes.
Its large, high resolution LCD display gives clear, easy to read results and is suitable for use in hospitals, clinics, health centres, nursing homes, residential homes, offices etc. 
It gives accurate and reliable readings at your most convenience if it is for private use. It is also cost effective to health professionals as patients are screened and filtered at this stage before referring them to hospitals.
If you have any questions or concerns in any of the ECG records, you can capture the recording and mention it to your health professionals for advice. Data can be transferred to PC, laptop etc should it need to be shown and analyzed further by health professionals.
- FDA approved
- Easy to read: Large, color LCD display with lit background
- Compact, lightweight and easy to be used by patients
- Provides an accurate diagnosis on par with professionals, clinics and hospitals
- ECG waveform and interpretation of results are displayed clearly on dot-matrix LCD screen.
- Quick 30 second single-channel ECG waveform analysis with/without electrodes
- Presents results with up to 17 different types of ECG waveforms and heart rate display
- Signal amplification (Gain Mode)
- Up to 1200 records for quick measurement or 10-hour data records for continuous measuring can be stored in built-in memory.
- Holds up to 300 x 30 second records with data lock function to prevent accidental removal
- USB port to transfer externally to PC for data management (Software and cable included)
- Powered by 2 x AAA batteries with low voltage indication
- Support 10 hours continuous monitor
- Chest lead & limb lead measure available
- Data records can be reviewed, copied, deleted, and uploaded as well.
- 50 electrode pads included
- Display Mode: Color LCD display
- The number of measuring channel: Single channel ECG signal.
- Resolution: 240*160
- Screen Size (mm): 40*57.6
- Signal Input: Single embedded metal electrodes or external lead wire
- Lead Selections & Measuring Modes: Quick measurement by embedded electordes; Measurement by external electrodes with lead wires (single channel for Lead I, II, or III)
- ECG Bandwidth: 1-40Hz
- Internal Noise Level: Less than or equal to 30uVp-p
- Heart Rate Range: 30-240bpm
- Heart Rate Accuracy: ±2bpm or ±2%, whichever is greater
- Display Scale: 5mm/mV ±10%
- Wave Form Sweeping Speed: 20mm/s±10%
- Measurement Time: 30 seconds per test
- Dimensions (mm): 125*70*21.5
- Net Weight (without Batteries): 106g
- Voltage: DC 5.0V/1.0A
Package Included:
- 1 x ECG Monitor
- 1 x Manual with Picture Illustrations
- 1 x USB Cable
- 1 x ECG Lead Wire
- 20 x Electrode Pads (in 1 bag)
- 1 x CD (ECG waveform Viewer)

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