Fruit Penetrometer GY-2

Fruit Penetrometer GY-2
Fruit Penetrometer GY-2 Fruit Penetrometer GY-2 Fruit Penetrometer GY-2
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Alat ukur kekerasan buah. Ideal untuk perkebunan buah, perusahaan buah, supermarket, gudang, riset dll

Memiliki 3 model dengan spesifikasi berbeda GY1, GY2 dan GY3 . Lihat tabel dibawah dan foto untuk jelasnya


Functions and Characteristics:

Fruit Penetrometer or Sclerometer (also called fruit hardness tester) 

This series has GY-1, GY-2, GY-3 three kind of models, use to testing apple, pear, strawberry, grape, other fruits hardness. 

Ideal for the fruit scientific research department, fruit company, fruit farm, warehouse, supermarket, technical college agriculture colleges and universities. To cultivate the improved variety, the harvest storage, the product transportation and the processing and so on by the fruits hardness. Thus judge fruit’s maturity. 

This instrument ia portable, easy to use, and user friendly







Indication scale

2-15kg/cm2 (×105Pa)

0.5-4kg/cm2 (×105Pa)

0.5-12kg/cm2 (×105Pa)

0.5-24kg/cm2 (×105Pa)

Pressure Head size









Insertion Depth






Pay Attentions

1. Retention knob should be loosened before measuring, rotate dial will justify the driven guidelines and the initial alignment of the same scale (straight head), and then rotate retention knob. Check whether the driver instructions pointer is on the right of driver guidelines, if not, should rotate back to zero knob, so that instruction pointer is on the right of driver guidelines

2. In order to achieve better accuracy, before measuring pressure the pressure head with their hands with full range press 2 to 3 times, so that lubrication.

3. When measuring hardness, should be uniformly slow insertion, can not turn pressure, should not impact measurement.

4. Pressure head fruits should be vertical surface.

5. GY-1 and GY-2 type fruit sclerometer scale units for the outer ring is × 105 Pa, the inner ring scale is kg/cm2, GY-3 type, connecting the small pressure head, with inner ting scale readings, connecting big pressure head, with the outer ting scale readings.

6. The instruments and pressure head should be kept clean and after finishing measurement it should be cleaned be cleaned up the juice.


Package Included:

1x Fruit Hardness Tester

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