Digital Flow Meter K24

Digital Flow Meter K24
Digital Flow Meter K24 Digital Flow Meter K24 Digital Flow Meter K24 Digital Flow Meter K24
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Flow Meter untuk diesel, bensin, air, cairan kimia
Praktis dan mudah digunakan untuk berbagai keperluan pribadi, komersial dan industri
Pro K24 Turbine Digital Diesel Fuel Flow Meter For Chemicals WaterControl panel with modular design, fully functional, simple structure, convenient operation. Can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, transportation, food to be industrial and commercial.
Model: K24
Media: methanol diesel fuel kerosene chemical liquid urea water
Importers: 1 inch internal thread
Length: 103MM
Measurement accuracy: ± 1%
Repeatability: ± 0.5%
Maximum working pressure: 20BAR
Operating voltage: 2.3-3.3V
Standby time: 2 years
Flow range: 10-120L / MIN
Single count: 0.00-999.9
The total cumulative number: 0.00-999999.9
Unit: L / L, gal / GAL, pint / PTS, quart / QTS
Single measurement cleared: RESET
Setting units of measurement:
In the standby mode, or raise the amount of current display state, Press CAL + RESET button for 5 seconds, Enter unit conversion settings, press the RESET button, Followed by LTR - GAL - PT -QT - LTR choose the unit of measurement. While the cumulative filling volume displayed in the current unit of measure conversion after Press the MENU key for 3 seconds to exit the unit conversion settings.
--This product requires 2 AAA batteries, more convenient for you to use, this product comes with 2 AAA  battery replaceable battery
--Low Battery Tips
When the battery voltage is 2.2V to 2.4V, display LBat, to remind the user to replace the battery.
Package contains:
1xK24 Turbine Digital Diesel Fuel Flow Meter

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