Dial Test Indicator 0-0.8mm with Magnetic Stand

Dial Test Indicator 0-0.8mm with Magnetic Stand
Dial Test Indicator 0-0.8mm with Magnetic Stand Dial Test Indicator 0-0.8mm with Magnetic Stand Dial Test Indicator 0-0.8mm with Magnetic Stand Dial Test Indicator 0-0.8mm with Magnetic Stand
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Dial Tester Indicator adalah alat untuk mengukur kehalusan atau kerataan permukaan. Dengan ketelitian 0.01 mm dan rentang ukur 0-0.8mm
Ideal untuk:
– Mengukur kerataan permukaan bidang datar.
– Mengukur kerataan permukaan dan kebulatan sebuah poros.
– Mengukur kerataan permukaan dinding Cylinder.
Cara pembacaan: satu garis nilainya 0.01 mm
Bila Jarum di garis ke 7, berarti 0.01 x 7 = 0.07 mm
Dial Indicator biasanya dipasangkan pada suatu holder/ stand/ Magnetic base yang berfungsi sebagai penahan dan mengatur posisi dari Dial Indicator (tinggi rendah, kemiringan dll) pada tempat atau permukaan benda yang diukur.
Halaman ini menjual Dial Indicator dengan Magnetic Base
Bila anda tidak membutuhkan Magnetic Base. Kami juga menjual unit Dial Indicator tanpa Magnetic Base
Features about Adjustable Magnetic Metal Base: 
Permanent magnetic operation with open / off control. 
The flat base is safely installed on the cylindrical surface. 
Ideal holding lever indicators in any direction of machine tool alignment operation. 
Flexible, powerful and precise rotary joint, it can adjust any direction and position. 
A powerful magnetic base with a switch magnet. 
Good stability,it is an ideal tool for field measurement of precision workpieces. 
A magnetic base can be used for dial indicator, dial test indicator etc.. 
Range: 0-0.8mm
Resolution: 0.01mm
Length: about 8 cm/3.15"
Diameter: about 3 cm/1.18"
Contact point length: About 1.5 cm
Casee size: About 10*6*3.5 cm
Dial type and reading: 0-40-0 balanced inch and 0-25-0 balanced metric readings
Accurate and convenient measurement of narrow or concave objects, and dial gauge is difficult to measure the size of internal and external diameter.
Using non-clutch structure to achieve automatic rotation of the measurement direction.
Dovetail mount for mounting the indicator from the top, rear, or front.
Durable, accurate measurement, with high sensitivity and rapid response capability.
0-0.8mm measuring range, 0.0005 "/0.01mm scale, 0-40-0 balance inches.
This dial test indicator is designed for measurement during machining, layout and inspection work. The dial has a fine black scale of 0-40-0 balanced inches reading and a red scale of 0.001mm balanced measurement reading.
Magnetic pointer and stylus can be used reliably in a magnetic environment.
The probe can be 180° rotation, free to adjust the measurement direction, left and right swing-type probe.
The knurled bezel rotates 360 degrees, making the reading zero at any position.
Package included:
1 x Fowler yellow-face dial test indicator
1 x 3/8" Dovetail clamp
1 x 5/32" Dovetail clamp
1 x Molded case
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