Density Meter MH-300A

Density Meter MH-300A
Density Meter MH-300A Density Meter MH-300A Density Meter MH-300A Density Meter MH-300A Density Meter MH-300A
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Density Meter digunakan untuk mengukur kepadatan atau massa jenis suatu material
Density meter umum digunakan di industri farmasi, minyak, kimia, makanan minuman, dll sebagai alat kontrol kualitas, dan di R & D
Density Meter ini mengukur material dari retang 0.01 - 300 gram
Model: MH - 300A
Measurement range: 0.01g - 300g
Density precision: 0.001 g/cm3
Density range: 0.001 - 99.999 g/cm3 , > 1, < 1 can be tested
Test time:about 5s
Read directly: Apparent density and volume
Test category: Solid, floating body ect
Temperature compensation: Self-compensating 0 - 100℃
Solution compensation: Can set to 19.999
In accordance with GB/T 533, T1033, ISO 2781, 1183, DIN 53479, ASTM D297, D792,  standards, and by adopting the buoyancy method of Archimedean principle, the  machine can accurately and directly show the density of sample.
Rubber, tire, macromolecule, composite materials, shoe materials, sealing, soft synthetic leather, convey Belt; plastic, plastic pellets, cable, packing materials, new materials researching laboratory., etc density of sample.
1. Test any shape sample's density and volume include solid materials, floating materials, Hygroscopic plastic  ect. which  density is >1 or <1
2. Densitometer has the function of temperature compensation setting and solution compensation setting.
3. By adopting the design of big tank, it can decrease the inaccuracy caused by supporting wire’s buoyancy.
4. Choose different medium  like water/alcohol/silicone oil according to different materials.
Operation of Machine
Measure the  weight of the product in the air.
Measure the  weight of the product in water.
Get the  density value.

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