Anemometer Wind Speed Meter HTI HT-81

Anemometer Wind Speed Meter HTI HT-81
Anemometer Wind Speed Meter HTI HT-81 Anemometer Wind Speed Meter HTI HT-81 Anemometer Wind Speed Meter HTI HT-81 Anemometer Wind Speed Meter HTI HT-81
Brand: HTI Instrument
Product Code: D81
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Price: Rp.300,000
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Anemometer D81/ HTI HT-81

Fungsi Anemometer adalah untuk mengukur kecepatan angin. Dengan anemometer kita dapat memperkirakan cuaca pada hari itu dan sebagai alat pendeteksi cuaca buruk seperti angin topan ataupun badai.

Selain itu Anemometer ideal dipakai untuk:
- Olahraga: Surfing, Sailing,
- Permainan: layang layang, RC
- Repair & Maintenance: Mengukur kecepatan dan suhu kipas CPU, AC, gerakan udara di atap dan dinding
- Riset dan analisa



Easy to measure the hard-to-reach areas

High sensitive and accurate

Low power consumption

Date hold and max hold function

Low battery indication



m/s(meter per second)                 0.60-30.00                         0.01        +3%+0.20m/s

ft/min(feet per minute)                  119-5900                           1            +3%+40ft/min

km/h(kilometers per hour)               2.2-108.0                        0.1           +3%+0.8km/h

MPH(miles per hour)                      1.4-67.0                          0.1           +3%+0.40MPH

Knots (nautical miles per hout)      1.2-58.0                           0.1          +3%+0.4knots

Air Temperature                  14-140F(-10-60C)               0.1F/C          +4.0F(2.0C)

Air Flow                                Range                       Resolution        Area

CFM                                     0-999900                       0.1           -999.9ft2



Product Introduction:

The Anemometer measures air velocity in five units of measure: feet per minute(ft/min), meters per second(m/sec),miles per hour(MPH), kilometers per hour(km/hr), & nautical miles per hour(knots).
An internal Type K sensor allows it to measure air temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit units.
This meter is shipped fully tested and calibrated and with proper use will provide years of reliable service.


Product Feature:

  • Auto Power off: After 15 minutes with disable feature
  • Memory Recall: Record and Recall MAX and MIN readings

Product Specification:

  • Measurement units m/s ,km/h, ft/min, knots, mph, Temperature: ºC or ºF
  • Data hold Freezes reading on the display
  • Ball-bearing
  • Operating Temperature: 32 º F to 122 º F (0 º C to 50 º C)
  • Operating Humidity: Max.80% RH

Package Content:

  • 1 Digital Battery Powered Wind Speed LCD Mini Anemometer
  • Tripod is not included

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