Water Analysis 6 in 1 - Ukur ORP, PH, CF, EC, TDS, Temperature

Water Analysis 6 in 1 - Ukur ORP, PH, CF, EC, TDS, Temperature
Water Analysis 6 in 1 - Ukur ORP, PH, CF, EC, TDS, Temperature Water Analysis 6 in 1 - Ukur ORP, PH, CF, EC, TDS, Temperature Water Analysis 6 in 1 - Ukur ORP, PH, CF, EC, TDS, Temperature Water Analysis 6 in 1 - Ukur ORP, PH, CF, EC, TDS, Temperature
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Alat analisa air 6 fungsi dalam 1 alat.
Mengukur ORP, PH, CF, EC, TDS, dan Suhu air
This tester is one of the most functional water tester in the market today. It has a BUILT-IN RECHARGEABLE BATTERY with USB TYPE charger to save you from the hassle of buying & replacing button batteries. 
All Electrodes & fixed probe are pre-calibrated & fully temperature compensation. All you have to do is just charge the Built-in Rechargeable Battery and you're ready to measure! Included PH electrode is BNC type and can be easily replaced anytime without buying the whole set.
This meter can measure six parameters: ORP(MV), pH, CF, EC, TDS(PPM) and °C (. The Multi-parameter Water Quality Monitor is a versatile, high-accuracy multi-parameter instrument with reliable multi probe system and with all the functionality of a multi-parameter system. It can provide simultaneous measurements results.
It is simple to use and affordable to own. Which is ideal for non-technical and technical people to measure dissolved solids, pH, ORP, conductivity and temperature on the spot, accurately and inexpensively throughout a variety of applications. No more switching meters to measure the pH, °C, and then the EC, CF or TDS of a solution.
High acidity or alkalinity can cause direct physical damage to skin, gills eyes and reproductive cycle of fish. Prolonged exposure to unwanted excess substances can cause stress with sometimes-fatal consequences. Changes in either acidity or alkalinity can exert a powerful influence over both water quality and water chemistry, and will have a marked effect on the fish health and filter activity.The fast, efficient, accurate and portable, more precise measurement meets the requirements of your routine multi-measurements. This multi-functional meter comes supplied with FREE pH6.864 and pH4.003 CALIBRATION SOLUTIONS and USB TYPE BATTERY CHARGER, pre-calibrated replaceable pH electrode, pre-calibrated probe, calibration trimmer (mini-screw driver) and comprehensive manual. Plus you get a FREE Replaceable Factory Calibrated ORP electrode!
6 different parameters: pH, Temperature, ORP(mV), TDS (EC, CF, ppm)
Built-in Rechargeable Battery
Large, Tri-Screen LCD Display; 3 results displayed simultaneously
High pH accuracy up to ±0.1pH
Electrodes & Probe:
pre-calibrated (factory calibrated)
plastic-coated for enhanced protection
detachable BNC composite
Instantaneous reading results
Option for mounting or hanging
Quick and easy Installation
Easy calibration of pH and TDS withjust a mini-screw driver (detailed procedure is in manual) 
Measuring Range
EC : 0 ~ 19.99EC
CF : 0 ~ 199.9CF
TDS : 10 ~ 19990ppm
PH : 0 ~ 14.00PH
mV: 0 ~ ±1999mV
°C : -50 ~ 70°C
°F : -58 ~ 158°F
EC : 0.01EC
CF : 0.1CF
TDS : 10ppm
PH : 0.01PH
mV : 1mV
°C : 0.1°C
°F : 0.2°F
PH : ±0.1PH
°C : ±1.0°C
mV : ±0.1%F.S±1digit
EC, CF, TDS : ±2% F.S
Operating Temperature : 0 ~ 50°C
Automatic Temperature Compensation(ATC) : 0 ~ 50°C
Pre-Calibrated Electrodes & Probe
Built-in Battery Pack with USB TypeBattery Charger
Size : 155 x 86 x 22mm
Weight : approx. 230g
Set Includes
1 x All-in-OneMulti-Function water quality meter
1 x pH Electrode BNC Type (EnhancedPlastic Protection)
1 x ORP Electrode BNC Type (EnhancedPlastic Protection)
1 x TDS Electrode (Connected withmain unit)
1 x Rechargeable Battery (installed)
1 set of pH4.003 and pH 6.864 Calibration Solutions (FREE)
1 x USB Type Battery Charger Adaptor(US, UK, EU or AU)
1 x Mini-Screw Driver
1 x Metal Hanging Hook
1 x User's Manual 




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